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Sit down and enjoy this experience. If you would like a 4D experience please sit next to a stove and depending on the video your watching have a child drool on you at the same time.

Check back weekly…

No idea how often new content will be getting posted.

Cooking: Hamburger Stew

Voice Narration over. Under 10 Mins.

Cooking: No Peek Chicken

In-person. 20 mins. Very funny!

Cooking: Beef and Crock Pot Dump Cake

In-person. 5ish mins. I think it’s funny. (Selfie shot, due to Harbor Freight…)

Also we get to meet a new member of the household! (And, yes it runs.)

I should also take a minute to thank Bad Breath Stinks for hosting my page. If it wasn’t for that smelly breath I wouldn’t have gotten the chance.

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