CloSYS vs TheraBreath (Which Is Better?)


When looking up various breath reliever products, many will find these two companies. But where did these two companies come from, what are they selling, and do their products really work? Join me as I explore the information surrounding these two businesses.


CloSYS is a company that sells toothpastes, mouth rinses, tongue cleaners, toothbrushes, and other such products. The company has been around for a while, since 1991.

Owned by Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, Inc, a well-established oral health company, CloSYS sells internationally to the USA, Australia, and Canada. Well known in dental offices around the world, CloSYS comes highly recommended.

What Makes Them Different

Back in the early 1990s Dr. Perry Ratcliff found that a stabilized form of chlorine dioxide helped to drastically reduce the bad bacteria found in mouths. With this knowledge, he and others started CloSYS.

Putting this in their mouthwashes and toothpastes has helped many of their customers find relief from breath problems and other sufferings of the mouth.

Another thing they do is not put certain ingredients in their products. In some of their toothpastes they don’t put fluoride, a substance that has a lot of controversy around it.

Staying away from putting sulfates in their products, they help many people who have problems with sulfates. Not only this, but sulfate has also been known to cause irritation and inflammation in the mouth if used, which is why CloSYS avoids it.

Alcohol and the Sunset

Alcohol is used in many well-known mouthwashes and rinses as an antibacterial agent in the solutions. CloSYS avoids alcohol in their products for several reasons. Alcohol is a way to dry things out, including your mouth. With a dry mouth, it is easier for bacteria to grow and flourish.

Alcohol also can cause a burning sensation is the back of the throat while swishing it around, which is annoying to people using it. It also can lower your mouth’s pH, giving way to more bad bacterial growth. So, because of these reasons, CloSYS chooses not to put alcohol in their products.

Another ingredient that CloSYS doesn’t put in their products is Triclosan, an agent put in modern toothpastes to help fight bacteria and gingivitis. Triclosan has been known to disrupt the endocrine, and weaken our bodies reproductive, immune, and neurological systems.

How Does CloSYS Work?

With their active ingredient being chlorine dioxide, there is not need for another ingredient to be put in the products to activate it, When you use their mouth rinse products, the chlorine dioxide will mix with the saliva, and activate it.
Your saliva has many amino acids in it. Amino acids is the key to activating the chlorine dioxide, which is why it gets activated when mixing with your saliva.

Where To Buy

CloSYS can be found in many well-known retail stores, such as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, KinnyDrugs, and H-E-B.

Buy now and get a product that will help cure your halitosis within a few minutes after using it.

CloSYS also offers a 90-day money back guarantee from when you purchased their product.


TheraBreath is a company that was started back in the 1990s. Specializing in products that help cure bad breath, TheraBreath sells anything from mouthwashes and rinses to tonsil stone kits

TheraBreath was started by Dr. Harold Katz, after he couldn’t find a cure for his daughter’s chronic bad breath. With his background in dentistry and bacteriology, Katz has grown TheraBreath into one of the top rated oral health companies out there.

TheraBreath’s Stance

Knight's Stance

Dr. Katz found that most often the case for bad breath is because of bacteria that multiply on the top of the tongue and in the back of the throat. With that in mind, TheraBreath tries to bring relevant products to those specific places to help cure your bad breath.

Also a non-alcoholic company, TheraBreath does its best to put the best ingredients in their products and leave out the rest. TheraBreath is also a proponent of making sure the pH levels in your mouth don’t become too acidic.

TheraBreath sells a wide collection of products. They have a whole tonsil stone kit to help you with your tonsil stone. If you have post nasal drip, they can help you with the use of their nasal drops. Have yellowed teeth? You can buy their powder that helps whiten up your teeth.

Stores They Can Be Found In

Like CloSYS, TheraBreath can be found in many of the well-known retail stores. They have their products at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Target, RiteAid, Target, and Publix.

Order today, and let TheraBreath help you cure your bad breath within a short time.

TheraBreath also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you don’t like the product after you bought it, send it back and get a refund.

Which One Is Better?

apples and oranges

Everyone wants to known which one is the best, and which one will cure their bad breath faster. Unfortunately it’s not that simple. Just because something works for me and other people doesn’t mean that it will work for you.
CloSYS tries to keep things out of their products that they believe are harmful. TheraBreath tries to treat the place where your bad breath is coming from, and not just general places.

CloSYS has a 90-day money back guarantee, which is higher than normal. TheraBreath has a well-established product that has high results.

So I’m not going to say which one is better. Both products have cured bad breath. Both come from reputable companies, and both have their advantages.

But what I will say is that you do need to take action. That may mean finding a product from these two companies that is right for you. That might mean taking a look at this article to find out exactly where your bad breath is coming from. Whatever it is, take action now, and don’t let your bad breath define you.

Have you tried one of these products? And what was the result of it in the end? Respond by leaving a note in the comment section below.

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