SmartMouth vs TheraBreath (Read This Before You Buy!)


This is a review of two companies, SmartMouth and TheraBreath, and their respective products. Which mouthwash is better, SmartMouth’s or TheraBreath’s? How do their sites present themselves? When did these companies start? All this and more we’ll look into.

Note: While both companies have helped people cure their bad breath, that doesn’t mean that it will cure yours. Results of products will vary from person to person. On the flip side, many times you have to try several products to find the one that finally works for you. And today may just be your lucky day.


According to their website, the founder, Dr. Marvin Cohen, has been working on bad breath causes and cures since 1993. SmartMouth is quick to point out (in their opinion) the main reason for people to have bad breath. And that reason is because of sulfur gas.

With this in mind, they have products they sell that help eliminate those types of gases in your mouth in order to get rid of your bad breath. Without going into details on specific products, we’ll try to break down how this works.

When you get their mouthwash, you get two different bottles. One is for giving you better breath immediately, by masking what is on your breath currently. The other bottle is for stopping the bad bacteria from being able to eat any proteins. And since they can’t eat anything, they can’t produce any sulfur gas, which gives you bad breath.


  • SmartMouth tries to find the main reason why bad breath occurs, and then sell a product specifically for that.
  • SmartMouth is able to make their product affordable. While it may be expensive to some people, most of their products being under $30, and most people can afford it.
  • SmartMouth offers a money-back-free guarantee, assuming you have followed the directions and still have bad breath.
  • SmartMouth’s website easily lays out for you what they try to have happen when you rinse with their mouthwash, so that you actually do understand it.
  • SmartMouth has their products in well known stores, Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc.


  • SmartMouth comes out as seemingly as their product is the only thing that can cure sulfur gas.
  • SmartMouth relies heavily on Zinc ions to neutralize the bacteria in your mouth, which is why many have complained about a metallic taste that stays in their mouth after rinsing.
  • SmartMouth says that they stop the bad bacteria, but never tell how the Zinc doesn’t stop the good bacteria that live in your mouth.
  • The bottle(s) have been known to be made cheaply and sometimes fall apart when you get them.
  • This is a more personal pet peeve. Part of SmartMouth’s website doesn’t work with certain browser addons/extensions. I tried to take a look at their testimonial page, and even after I allowed that page for my addons, it still didn’t show anything.
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TheraBreath started out in 1994 by Dr. Harold Katz. Before that he had started a successful dental business, and started learning about bad breath as he tried to cure his daughter’s chronic bad breath.

While SmartMouth one-size-fits-all type of products, TheraBreath deals with different aspects of bad breath, and tries to treat them accordingly. They help treat anything from tonsil stones and post nasal drip, to dry mouth and pet breath.

Their mouthwashes are less sophisticated than SmartMouth’s. You simply pour some out, swish and rinse, and you’re done. No combining two solutions, no activating ingredients.


  • TheraBreath realizes that bad breath can come from certain areas of the breath and tries to treat them accordingly.
  • TheraBreath makes their products affordable. With the majority of their products under $20, most people should be able to afford a price like that.
  • TheraBreath has a 30-day money back guarantee, which is always nice.
  • TheraBreath’s products are simple and easy to use.
  • Dr. Katz has written a free ebook, called “Bad Breath Bible”, that is very insightful and instructive.
  • TheraBreath is in many well known stores including, Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Target, and RiteAid.


  • While highly informative, TheraBreath’s website does seem on the older side, and could use an upgrade.
  • TheraBreath can come across at times as having all the answers and all the solutions to bad breath.
  • TheraBreath does use BPA to line their plastic bottles. Some studies have seemed to show that BPA is harmful to a human body.
  • TheraBreath’s active ingredient is OXYD-8, a patented form of stabilized chlorinated dioxide. Some argue this also isn’t good for you, as it’s not exactly approved by the FDA.
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SmartMouth vs. TheraBreath

So which one is better? Which would I choose?


If I was stuck on a deserted island, and didn’t known where my bad breath was coming from, I would choose SmartMouth. With them trying to treat the main cause of bad breath, and most times succeeding, it seems like the best way to go.

Now if I knew exactly where my bad breath was coming from, I would go with TheraBreath. With them treating specifics, and not just one thing (as SmartMouth does), they have a higher chance of helping me cure my bad breath.

So Overall…

Both have a good product, with many reviews saying it works (it’s not like one is a complete scam). Both sell products that are alcohol free, (alcohol can make your mouth dry, and contribute to your bad breath). Both have been working on bad breath since the 1990s.
But overall, I would choose TheraBreath products over SmartMouth products. I like that TheraBreath treats area’s of your mouth as opposed to just the cause of bad breath. Also, being one that likes to save money, I like how TheraBreath’s prices are lower than SmartMouth’s.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a TheraBreath product today, and start a life of better breath immediately.

TheraBreath didn’t work for you? No worries, that really does happen sometimes. SmartMouth may be just what you need. Buy one of their products now, and see what result comes from it.

Or maybe you want to know where you bad breath is coming from first before you buy a product. Check out my article here, where I explain and teach you how to tell where the smell could be coming from.

Did other products work for you? What did you like or not like about these two companies and their products? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

8 thoughts on “SmartMouth vs TheraBreath (Read This Before You Buy!)”

  1. So I’ve tried Therabreath for years. It seemed to help at first, but since then, does not. I began using Smartmouth last year and seemed to have some good results, but now it doesn’t seem to work as well.
    I have severe dry mouth from meds that I have to take. I began taking an expensive drug called Pilocarpine which helps the dry mouth somewhat.
    The good thing about Smartmouth is that it has easy flat single unit travel mouthwashes which is great for travel which I need a lot. Therabreath has small bottles that take up a lot of space, they leak, and are not at all good when traveling. I wish I knew what actually causes my bad breath besides the dry mouth. I chew gum in between to keep my mouth moist.

    • Hey Sharon,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a look at this article. Really am sorry about your dry mouth. I’ve written a few articles on the subject of dry mouth, which can be found here and here. Hope they help you figure out ways to cure your dry mouth more naturally.

      • My dentist actually said that a lot stems from our gums, and food particles stuck between our teeth. I have a hard time flossing because my teeth are considered small and also because I have many crowns very close. So I try to floss after each meal and mouthwash. Works better though overall. Wish the best

        • Hey Bill!

          Gums can bring about a lot of health issues, especially bad breath. Thanks for bringing that up. Have you tried a waterpik water flosser? They might be easier to floss with. But in any case, I’m glad you found a way around flossing with close crowns.


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