The FOUR Best Mouthwashes FOR KIDS! (+1 Extra!)

If you have little kids and are looking for dental hygiene items made with littles in mind, then look no further. We’ve complied a short but concise list to help you figure out what mouthwash will work best for you and your kids in mind.

Do keep in mind that usually mouthwash isn’t recommend for those younger than 6. All of these mouthwashes are made for kids 6 and up. Typically speaking, by the age of 12, the child in question should be able to move on to more grown-up mouthwash.

We’ll be taking a look at pros and cons to each of these products, and perhaps we’ll even take a glance at the ingredient list to fully understand what exactly we’re putting into our kids’ mouths. Ready? Let’s start with the first mouthwash we’ve chosen.

Kids’ Mouthwash Option #1: Crest Kid’s Anticavity Fluoride Rinse  

This mouthwash is made with cavities and kids in mind. It contains a kid-friendly bubblegum or strawberry flavor (depending on your choice), and has fluoride as an active ingredient to discourage bad bacteria growth that causes cavities.

This mouthwash is also alcohol free. Alcohol can dry the mouth out, and a dry mouth is prime bad bacteria breeding grounds, so it’s always good to drink alcohol in moderation (or, with kids, avoid it all together.) Plus, alcohol causes that burning sensation that sometimes comes with mouthwash. By avoiding alcohol in mouthwash, we can save some comfort for our kiddos.

Of course, taste is a factor for our kids and it may be good to know what flavors they do and don’t like. If yours like strawberry, then maybe go with that as opposed to the bubblegum.

This brand also comes with a child-resistant cap. Obviously, for younger children, this may be necessary, especially if they enjoy glugging mouthwash that isn’t supposed to be swallowed. On the other hand, if your children are older and understand not to drink mouthwash, it may be annoying to open this for them every day.

Kids’ Mouthwash Option #2: Hello Oral Care Kids Anticavity Fluoride Rinse

Again, this is another mouthwash made with kids and cavities in mind. Also, like the last, it contains fluoride as an active ingredient, to prevent cavities. Oh, and it’s also strawberry flavored.

So, it’s actually pretty similar to the last mouthwash we looked at. But unlike Crest’s mouthwash, Hello Oral doesn’t contain any artificial dyes, sweeteners, or flavors. Plus, there’s no bad sulfates.

In fact, on the surface, the only thing to dislike is the bad grammar on the back of the package. Not using capitals isn’t aesthetic, people. It just isn’t.

This mouthwash also is alcohol free, and as mentioned before, alcohol can cause a dry mouth which can lead to cavities and bad breath. Plus, with alcohol free mouthwash, there’s no annoying burning. Besides that, this mouthwash is also vegan free, and hasn’t been tested on animals.

The real con to this mouthwash is the lid. Like the previous mouthwash, this one comes with a child proof lid, and some have complained that it’s too child proofed and is really hard to twist off (as an adult.)

Also, thanks to the whole “dye-free” thing, this mouthwash is colorless and clear, which might be off-putting to kids who are used to colored mouthwash.

I do think that it’s good to mention that even if a kid isn’t used to something at first, it may be good to try something at least for three days or so; it doesn’t take very long to get used to something new, and most kids are easily adaptable.

Kids’ Mouthwash Option #3: TheraBreath Kids Anti-Cavity Rinse

Apparently it’s pretty hard to find fluoride free mouthwash for kids – because this mouthwash from TheraBreath, does, indeed, contain fluoride as an active ingredient.

However, unlike the other two mouthwashes we’ve looked at, this one is grape flavored. Still kid friendly, but a little different. It’s made with actual organic grapes, and doesn’t have any artificial flavors or dyes.

The brand TheraBreath was actually started with bad breath in mind – so if you’re trying to mask your kiddo’s bad breath, this might be the way to go.

Similar to some of the other brands we’ve looked at, this mouthwash is gluten free, and certified vegan and kosher. Plus, this product wasn’t tested on animals.

The lid on this mouthwash is also unlike the others. While everything else we’ve looked at has child resistant/proof lids, this one is easily unscrewable and may be a better option for older kids who can use mouthwash on their own. But, on the other side, it may be too easy for little ones to open and get into. Especially since the taste is grape-y and yummy, it may be wise to keep out of reach of tiny arms.

Kids’ Mouthwash Option #4: ACT Kids Anticavity Fluoride Rinse

Here’s another mouthwash made for kids and cavities in mind, big surprise. This mouthwash has a watermelon flavor, with grape, bubblegum, and pineapple options. Like the others, there’s fluoride in this mouthwash, as it’s designed specifically for cavity prevention.

This mouthwash does have something the others don’t: an easy-squeeze kid-friendly lid. Great for older kids who know not to swallow mouthwash, but are still a little accident prone and may cause spills. This lid is easy to use, and perfect for children. And, there’s also a little meter so you just have to fill it up to the line.

This mouthwash is alcohol free, as mentioned before. So if you’re trying to prevent cavities and bad breath, then here’s a doable option.

Like we’ve mentioned before, the watermelon flavor may be too yummy for little ones. It’s always wise to keep an eye or two on them as they use this mouthwash or any other one that tastes good.

And, thanks to the child-friendly cap, it may be wise to pass on this one and try a brand with a child-proof lid if you have really young kids in the house.

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