Here’s Why You Get BAD BREATH From Wearing A MASK (+4 Ways To Solve The Problem!)


In this day and age, people are wearing masks left and right. In some places it’s mandatory and in other places, people do it just to feel safe. Whatever your case is, chances are, you’re probably here because of two things: masks and bad breath. You might have noticed that when you breathe against your … Read more

The FOUR Best Mouthwashes to Treat YOUR Bad Breath! (+1 bonus resource!)

Treating bad breath with mouthwashes is actually pretty common. It’s super simple, and if you’re looking for a couple of effective, inexpensive mouthwashes, then you’re in the right place. There’s no need to suffer through your bad breath anymore. Just hit up Amazon or your local retailer and get ready to say bye-bye to your … Read more