Does Drinking Water Help Bad Breath?

Water is known to have good properties. In fact our body is made of over 60% water. But is it helpful in fighting against bad breath? Or does its compounds make it help make our halitosis even more fouler?

With coffee, soft drinks, alcohol and other beverages out there, sometimes it’s hard to just find plain, simple water on the menu! But as we’ll see in this article, water is able to help fight against the smelliest of bad breath, and can help clear up other issues our bodies might be facing as well.

Good Ole’ H2O

Water, also known as H2O, is something your body needs to make sure it stays alive. While our bodies can live without food for around 40 days, we can’t take much more than 3 days without water. Water helps our body in a number of ways besides just fighting against bad breath.

Power from water

Our muscles need water, and specifically electrolytes in that water, to function and thrive. When it is without that water, your muscles tend to shrivel up and not be as useful as they used to be. Because of that, you’ll become fatigued more quickly, and thus not be able to work as long as you normally do.

On the flip side, as you make sure to replenish your body with electrolytes and water, your muscles will be able to function properly and you’ll be able to work as long as you normally do.

Remove toxins

One of the ways your body expels toxins is by expelling them through your kidneys. Of course, drinking more water will make you want to pee, but that’s exactly what you may just be looking for.

Every time you urinate, you remove toxins from your body. Additionally, drinking water will help your body function the way it supposed to, so that it can get those toxins to the kidneys to be expelled out of your body.

Clearing kidney stones

Ever wondered why you get kidney stones? Well, it could just be because you aren’t drinking enough water. As you drink water, and as this water passes through your kidneys, the water will help remove anything from the kidneys, so that no stones can be formed.

To make sure you don’t get kidney stones, it’s recommended to drink 10 glasses of water a day, according to the International Kidney Stone Institute. That way, the water will flush the salts and minerals into the urine, so that they won’t be able to form stones.

Lose weight with your H2O

you can actually lose weight with water. And it’s not by fasting, and just only drinking water either. Water in food makes meals look larger than they really are. These foods, like certain fruits, veggies, and other produce, typically need to be chewed more, and take a longer time to be processed while in the stomach.

This is beneficial in that your digestive tract will fill up faster, giving you a ‘full’ feeling sooner, even though you haven’t eaten as much as you normally do. Additionally, water has a lot fewer calories than more any other food or drink. So even just drinking water instead of soda can help lower you calorie intake.

Does water help with bad breath?

This is a tricky question to answer. Yes, water can help with fighting bad breath, if that is what the question is asking.

If the question is asking, does water help bring about bad breath, the answer could also be a yes/maybe. Hard water, coming from deep wells, can carry minerals that, while they aren’t bad for you, can help give you smelly breath instead of something pleasant.

But in general, water does more to fight off bad breath than it does to keep your halitosis around. Water helps fight against digestive problems, helps cure dehydration, and can effectively fight against dry mouth.

Digestive issues

Some claim that our gut is one of our most important parts in our body, even more important than the brain or heart. While we’re not here to argue whether it’s true or not, it does need to be said that our gastrointestinal flora is important to our overall health, especially our bad breath.

Acid reflux could be the result of digestive issues. This occurs when the ring of muscle below the esophagus becomes relaxed and the acid in the stomach pushes back up into the throat, which can cause halitosis.

If your body is having a hard time breaking down whatever you ate, your body may produce quite a bit of gas. How-ever it comes out, either through your breath, or some other way, it’s not going to smell good.

Constipation can also lead to halitosis. With your colon being stopped up, and your body not able to easily get rid of waste, then certain problems arise, one of them being bad breath.

Drinking more water can help relieve these symptoms. The water will help your digestive tract to process foods more easily, and help relieve constipation. So essentially, drinking water will help fight against bad breath, in a round about way.

Dehydration problems

If you don’t drink enough water, you become dehydrated. Dehydrating can lead to a plethora of health hazards. Not only can bad breath come about because of it, but organ failure, muscle tension, digestion problems, and much more can result in lack of water.

Dry mouth can occur because of dehydration (see below about dry mouth), which can cause halitosis to occur as well. Drinking water, and plenty of it, will keep yourself hydrated, and keep dehydration from occurring.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is where your mouth becomes really dry. This usually happens because of restriction in your saliva, causing it not to flow as much as it normal does. This can happen because of dehydration, aging, illnesses, and certain foods.

The saliva helps flush out bad bacteria within your mouth, and keeps your oral cavity healthy. Bad bacteria thrive, and multiply in a mouth that is dry. Without saliva helping clean out the plaque between your teeth, tooth decay and gum disease is also possible too.

One way to cure dry mouth is by, you guessed it, drinking more water. Not only will this help stimulate your saliva production, but it will also help clear any bacteria, debris, or food particles that may be sitting dormant in your mouth. So, once again, using water to fight against dry mouth, which can cause bad breath, is another way that water can cure your halitosis.

What Can Help Cure Halitosis!

As seen above, water can help fight against your bad breath. Drinking water will help remove digestive problems, fight against dry mouth, and help bring about hydration for your dehydrated body.

Now, water isn’t the complete cure for halitosis. It will only help your halitosis. Make sure to continue to follow proper oral hygiene, like brushing and flossing, and that will also help against your bad breath.

Water is a great product to use to help cure your bad breath. Provided it’s used with other things, water is a great way to start the process to cure your halitosis. So go on, take a drink of water, and start the process today!

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