How to kill bad breath – putting to death your halitosis

Getting rid of halitosis is something many people try to achieve. Sometimes they can get rid of it, other times they can’t. But how exactly must we go about if we want to kill our halitosis?

Halitosis is a fickle thing. At one moment you might think that is coming from one place, and start treating it accordingly, and in another moment, you realize that the halitosis is coming from another area of your mouth.

In this article, I’m hoping to show you how you can kill, or get rid of, certain things around you and in you, so that you can have better oral health.

Understanding Bad Breath

Before looking into the things we need to kill, we need to understand where, and how bad breath comes about. Without understanding this, it would be nearly impossible to understand the what’s and why’s we were killing different influences around us.

Bad breath will typically come about because of something that is wrong in your mouth. Most often the case, bad bacteria will be able to thrive and populate in different corners of your mouth, and produce a waste of sulfur gases. That is why some people have breath that smells like rotten eggs.

Sometimes, bad breath can come about because of the things that we eat, or intake into our oral cavity. Spices, garlic, and smoking are some of the ways that halitosis may occur from.

And other times, it comes from a completely different reason all together. If you have acid reflux, GERD’s disease, or even poor digestion, any one of these could bring about bad breath.

If you are curious on how to tell where your bad breath is coming from, then check out this article on how to tell where your bad breath is coming from.

Learn to kill your desires and cravings

Desires aren’t a bad thing, and neither are certain cravings that people have. I may have a strong desire to help bring about a better world by being more polite, positive and joyful. And that’s not a bad desire.

Or I may crave to have the understanding of a geo-plasmatic physicist (if there is such a thing), and that spurs me on in my studies. That’s not wrong either.

The desires and cravings I’m talking about are ones that we have that help our bad breath, rather than hinder it.

For example, one desire that I make sure to kill is my sweet tooth cravings. Sugar is a great way to get cavities. Cavities can be one way that bad breath comes about. Assuming I have cavities, and believe that I have bad breath because of them, then I need to kill the things that cause cavities.

And maybe it’s not sugar that gives you cavities, but maybe the reason is that you have a lack of good dental and oral hygiene. You don’t brush and floss as regularly as you should. So for that, you need to kill your desires that are holding you back from doing that.

Another thing that can cause bad breath is smoking. I realize that killing the habit and cravings of smoking is hard, but there are times when we must do hard things for the sake of better breath, and better health.

And you don’t need to stop, cold turkey. Just cut back on your smoking, and see if there is a difference. Depending on what happens, you may want to cut back even further, or you may realize that it’s not coming from your smoking, and learn it’s coming about by another reason.

Learn to kill the foods that hurt you

Various forms of food can cause bad breath. And it’s not easy figuring out which ones do and which don’t. I’ve been keeping notes, and cutting different foods out of my diet to see if their giving me halitosis. But each person is different.

For example, certain dairies can help bad breath occur. For you it may be cheese. Others, it may be yogurt. Still others, it may just be that you are lactose intolerance, which can cause halitosis if you continue to have dairy.

And like I’ve been saying, it’s different for all people. Some of you may be able to have cow’s milk and be fine. Others of you may get bad breath from cow’s milk, but goat’s milk is okay for you. And others of you may just be fine with soy milk or some sort of milk that is plant based.

Other foods that you may want to avoid are garlic and different spices. Cutting them out of your diet may not be as easy as it seems, so sometimes it may not be so much avoid certain foods, but eating them differently.

For example, with garlic, I will at times cut it up into smaller species as that will help get rid of the smell better. Or I’ll make sure to take it with honey or other foods, so that I don’t have garlic breath after I’m done eating.

So mixing different spices or eating them differently may also help you not get halitosis by those spices.

Learn to kill the bad bacteria inside you

One of the main ways to kill and get rid of your bad breath is by killing the bacteria that produces the halitosis. Following the advice above will help with much of that. But what other things can you do?

With most of the bacteria thriving off of food that you can eat, it is essential to make sure that your mouth is cleaned of food when your are done eating. The simple way to do this is to drink water and wash your mouth out after every meal.

Making sure your mouth is kept moist and wet is also something you want to achieve. Bacteria that produce halitosis thrive a lot better in mouth that are dry. So, once again, making sure you drink plenty of water is effective in helping kill your bad breath.

You can also kill bad breath by using a product such as this mouthwash, or this one. Both come from reputable companies, and also don’t use alcohol in their products, since alcohol is one of the main ways people can get a dry mouth.

Can you really kill bad breath?

Bad breath can come from different places, and come about because of different circumstances. So while you can kill your bad breath that is coming from part of your mouth, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve killed halitosis completely.

Remaining vigilant in proper oral hygiene is essential to keep bad breath from coming back around. With that, and making sure to cut out foods that help your halitosis, you have a better chance of keeping your bad breath and not having bad breath become ‘alive’ in your life again.

How have you killed your bad breath in these last few days/weeks/months? I would love to hear about them. Feel free to share your experiences down below in the comments section.

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