Post Nasal Drip Home Remedies

Post nasal drip is a problem that seems to affect many people now-a-days. And with problems, everyone searches for cures and answers to those problems. Well look no further. Post nasal drip can be cured with the help of some of these home remedies.

With these few simple remedies, you should be able to get rid of that cough, bad breath, annoying dribble, or whatever you’re facing.

What Is Post Nasal Drip

Post nasal drip is one of those problems that seems like no one quite has an exact answer on how it comes about. But the answer of what post nasal drip is all about is in its name.

Post. The word ‘post’ is used instead of ‘pre’. For example if I said, George Washington lived pre-1800’s, you would know that he was before the 1800s. Now if I said I was post 1900s, you would know that I was after that particular era. So post means that its going to be after the nasal.

Nasal. Nasal passages, sinuses, nose. All those things could be used to explain the nasal. I guess there is some scientific term for what exactly the nasal is, but basically the nasal connects the nose to the back of your throat. From what we look at in the previous paragraph, we see that something is happening post, after, the nasal, or in the back of the throat.

Drip. This explain most clearly what post nasal is all about. There is this dripping in the back of your throat, in the post nasal area. More specifically there is mucus that you sinuses are producing that seems to constantly be dripping into the back of your throat.

Now, in all actuality, this dripping is constantly going in the back of your throat. It’s only when the mucus thickens that you realize it, and its then when it becomes a problem. Typically, thinner mucus will mix with your saliva and be swallowed after a while.

Problems that arise when mucus thickens

When the mucus thickens in our sinuses, it can lead to a host of problems and ailments.

Constant Coughing. Because you have mucus coming to the back of your throat, you feel as though there is something there. This can lead to a coughing, as you are trying to clear out whatever seems to be back there. While for some people it is a persistent cough, for others, it just a clearing of the throat a few times in the day.

Plugged up nose. If your nasal passages are producing more mucus and thicker stuff too, its possible that you’ll get your sinuses plugged up. That in and of itself can lead to a whole host of issues. Not being able to sleep at night, not being able to breathed through your nose, just to name a few.

Tonsil Stones. With more mucus in the back of your throat than normal, some people tend to get things called tonsil stones, small white pebble-like lumps of sulfuric waste made by bacteria. Tonsil stones can lead to a sore throat, difficulty swallowing, and tonsil inflammation.

How post nasal drip comes about

Post nasal drip comes about typically by two ways. Either by a some sort of food allergy that makes your body produce more mucus, or because of some irritant that comes into your body, usually either mold or pollen.

Food Sensitivities. Unfortunately many people don’t realize this, but each and every person processes for differently. Some can process a high carb diet really well, and other’s can’t. Some can eat something specific, and not get sick, and other’s can’t.

Two well-known foods (or in this case, liquids), that are known to bring about post nasal drip, are alcohol and dairy. Dairy especially has been on the #1 list for a long while. When you intake these types of foods, most often times, you body will start producing thicker mucus, which will bring about post nasal drip.

Many times, just cutting these specific food sensitivities out of your diet can cure your post nasal drip. Doesn’t happen to everyone, but its a good place to start.

Outside Irritants. Other times, post nasal drip will come about because something gets in the nasal passages and irritates it so that it produces more mucus than normal.

While this can happen when something gets lodged into your nasal passages, it usually happens when you breathe something in, which causes irritation. You could just be walking outside, breath in pollen, and that could set off post nasal drip.

Or you could have mold growing in the corner of your house that you don’t notice. That mold could be producing something that when you smell (unintentionally), it causes excess mucus to be produced, leading to post nasal drip.

Home Remedies For Post Nasal Drip

Like said above, the best way to relieve post nasal drip is by cutting out those things that are causing the post nasal drip. That may mean cleaning your house thoroughly to make sure all mold/dust is removed. Or that that mean to find some sort of allergy medicine for hay fever or pollen allergies.

Also, keeping a food journal, and seeing what brings about post nasal drip (and what doesn’t) is a great way to cut foods out of your diet. Even just starting by cutting out dairy and alcohol could bring about a potential outcome.

But there are other things you can do to help cure and relieve the constant dripping of your sinus.

Try Some Garlic

Yes, most people don’t like to eat garlic, due to the compound in it that bring about something called ‘garlic breath’. But garlic has some really great anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that make it great to use. It helps reduce mucus production, and can help dislodge it as well.

Apples are a great way to get rid of ‘garlic breath’. So after have some garlic, make sure to eat an apple or two to keep you healthy breath.

How About Hydrotherapy?

Many times have something warm to drink will help relieve post nasal drip. Some tea sweetened with honey or a warm cup of lemon juice might just do the trick. Sometimes, just making sure to drink more water can help ease your post nasal drip.

Steam has also been effective in curing post nasal drip. You can either take a steamy shower, or boil some water. Either way, when you breath in the steam, it will help clear out those nasal passages, and break down the mucus so that it is much less thinner.

Black Pepper Works Wonders Too

Pepper has been used all around the world to help cure people of all different sorts of ailments. So its no surprise that it can help with post nasal drip as well. With it being rich in vitamins and minerals, it is worth using some to help cure what ever may be ailing you.

Simply put some on your food and let it work its magic. Black pepper will help thin out the mucus and help stop any over-production of mucus. That will make it easier to get rid of any mucus still in your sinus passages.

Net Pots Work As Well

A neti pot is a simple device that is used to help irrigate, and help flush anything out of your sinuses. Shaped sort of like a small tea kettle, you stick the spout into on of your nostrils, turn your head slightly, and start blowing your nose from the other nostril hole.

The most common liquid to put in a neti pot is a simple mixture of salt and water. Just make to have used bottled, distilled, or boiled water when using a neti pot. Several have received sinus infections due to using tap water with their neti pots.

Post Nasal Drip Can Be Cured

Try one of these home remedies, and something so work. People have cured their post nasal drip with these remedies for hundreds of years, and they’ve worked for most everyone.

Just by adding some pepper to you food, eating more garlic, or even drinking more water, you can start clearing out the mucus and get rid of your post nasal drip.

If for whatever reason, the above remedies don’t seem to work for you, then I would recommend that you consult with a doctor about the issue. Most doctors are able to quickly diagnose why you have post nasal drip, and help cure it. Post nasal drip isn’t something that you need to live with the rest of your life.

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