SmartMouth Complaints

With any sort of products, there comes good reviews, and bad reviews. Bad breath products can get some pretty nasty complaints. But this post is here to present the evidence and let you weigh the outcome. So come join me as we take a look at the complaints of SmartMouth’s products!


Before we talk about reviews of products, we need to understand the company behind that product. SmartMouth, like most other oral health companies, started in the 1990s. Back then, Dr. Marvin Cohen saw a need for a product that would help people with halitosis.

Interestingly Dr. Cohen was the one that wrote the halitosis section in the Encyclopedia Britannica, 1998 Medical Edition. And so with his knowledge and backing, he started SmartMouth to help people find relief from bad breath.

Dr. Cohen tries to treat the underlying symptom of bad breath, and that is sulfur gas. How he chose to treat the sulfur is with his patented technology of zinc ions.

What Dr. Cohen found was the zinc bonded quite easily with the sulfur gases, which helps to neutralize the smell and give breath a better scent.

SmartMouth Products

SmartMouth sells several products related to oral health, such as mouthwashes, mints, and toothpastes. I will mainly be looking at the mouthwashes that SmartMouth makes, as that is the primary product they are known for. Without going into too much detail on what the products are made of, let me take a brief look at how to use the mouthwash.

When you buy a mouthwash product from SmartMouth, you get a bottle with two containers it. The two containers contain two different liquids. One holds the zinc ions, and the other holds the ingredient that activates the zinc ions to work.

So all you need to do is pour out an equal amount (or in some cases you can pump it out), mix it up a little, and rinse your mouth out for around 30 seconds.

This gives the zinc ions enough time to bind with the sulfur gases, and give you 12-24 hours of bad breath relief.

SmartMouth Complaints

SmartMouth is a reputable company. But with any reputable company, there can come with it many negative reviews and complaints. And while many of them shouldn’t be considered, there are some that may shed light onto why some people may not like SmartMouth and their products.

Note: because of copyright laws and restrictions, I can’t copy and paste the reviews of people. So I will do my best to sum up their thought and sometimes give a possible reason/answer for why they complained in the way they did.

One customer writes how when they used a SmartMouth product, they could taste the zinc ions, and had a metallic taste in their mouth for a while. They did note that the product did work though.

If you mix the two containers unevenly, you may get more zinc ions than active ingredients, making yourself get a metallic taste in your mouth. Also, if you rinse for too long, that can also contribute to the metallic taste.

Another customer complained about how bad the packaging was. He tried opening it, and using too much force, opened only one side of his mouthwash, spilling half of it. He was never able to open the other side, and so threw the product away.

Several customers complained almost completely opposite what the previous person complained about. They say that the product does work, but while they were traveling some of the seals opened up and spilled some of the mouthwash.

One notes that it may be due to the fact that he took them on an airplane with him, and it may be due to the altitude for the reason of the seals popping open.

One person wrote a review saying that their product evaporated, and so they couldn’t use it because of that.

Several people wrote that while the mouthwash product works, they wish SmartMouth would go back to their old bottle with two containers that you pour out instead of the pump bottles that they had received.
The main reason these people wanted this was because the pump bottles seemed to leak more and not pump as evenly as they would have liked.

Several other people wrote how they used the product when the company was originally called TriOral. According to them, back then the product was great, and worked well. But now, the product only lasts a few hours and then your bad breath returns.


SmartMouth is a company that has products that works. And for many of the those that complained, most said that the product worked, but there was something that they didn’t like about it.

Also, according to the reviews, SmartMouth’s packaging really isn’t that great. From things that can’t be opened, to things opening themselves and leaking all over the place.

Personally, I can see why people wouldn’t want to buy SmartMouth products, especially if you ordered something, and it doesn’t work as you expected it to work, or it comes with the packaging falling.

But on the flip side, I can also see why people would want to use it. Very few of the negative reviews said that the product didn’t work for them, meaning that for most people the product does work.
Also, while there may be a problem with the packaging, I can also see that happening with any large manufacturing company, where you may accidentally put out some products with bad packaging.

You can take a look at SmartMouth’s mouthwash product here, and join the thousands SmartMouth has helped by relieving bad breath.

Or optionally, you can take a look at this article I wrote about bad breath, and this one I wrote on how to find where your bad breath is coming from.

But now we turn it to you, the reader. What do you think of the complaints? Are they reasonable? Have you had any experience with SmartMouth and have an opinion on the company? I would love to hear about it. Give me your thoughts in the comments section below!

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