Chronic Bad Breath That Smells Like Poop

Bad breath is, well, bad. But when you have chronic breath that smells like poop, well, that is just terrible. I feel for you. Really, I do. I myself have suffered from poop-like breath, and it’s not fun. You don’t want to open your mouth for fear of having people think you eat cow manure.

You have a hard time going out and talking with people, because you can never honestly tell if you have bad breath or not. Even when you think your breath is fine, you start to speak, and you notice people back away from you. And you just hate it.

So how best do you get rid of this poop smell? Where is coming from? What are those remedies, or products, that you can use to get rid of this terrible smell from plaguing you? Well look no further than this article, where we’ll take a look at chronic bad breath that smells like poop.

Where Does Bad Breath Come From?

Bad breath usually comes from your mouth. There can be occasions when it’s not actually your mouth that is causing the problem, like a bowel obstruction, or a low carb diet, but the majority of the reasons are within your oral cavity.

While this is good that it’s only in one small area of your body, this is also a difficult area to diagnose, as there are a number of reasons your bad breath might be coming from your mouth.

So where do you start, to figure out where exactly your bad breath, your poop breath, is coming from?

Start by figuring out where it’s coming from

You can test to see if you have bad breath, and where specifically it’s coming from. Those tests will help show you how to tell where exactly your breath is coming from. It will help show if it’s coming from the tongue, the nasal passages, the tonsils, the teeth, or the saliva (or lack of it).

When you’re finishing checking out your breath, and the various smells that are coming from different parts of your mouth, you’ll probably be able to find out where exactly that bad smell is coming from. Below are just a few reasons you might be having halitosis:

Dry Mouth. Dry mouth is caused by a restriction of the saliva, and thus, causes your mouth to become dry. This can sometimes cause bad breath that smells like feces, as the bad bacteria love dry environments and flourish in places that aren’t moist.

The best cure for dry mouth is getting your saliva flow back to what it is. Take a look at this article to help cure your dry mouth. Drinking water is the quickest way to get your mouth moist and back to what it should be.

Tooth Decay. Tooth decay can bring about a terrible smell, and sometimes a dentist is required to completely get the job done right. Your teeth could be decaying due to the diet you’re eating, because of poor oral hygiene, or just because you have poor teeth.

Decaying teeth isn’t that hard to fight. Just floss more regularly and brush your teeth twice a day. Cut out the majority of sugars, and other foods that are known to cause tooth decay. If flossing with string just isn’t for you, then I would recommend looking at a water flosser to get the job done more quickly and just as efficiently.

Acid Reflux. Acid Reflux is a condition where you get a flux of stomach acid that comes upwards into the back of your throat, which can cause all sorts of problems, not only halitosis, but also burning, gagging, and difficulty swallowing.

We wrote an article about Acid Reflux and bad breath. It goes much deeper into the issues of acid reflux, as well as the many things you can do to help fight against your acid reflux, like eating certain foods and wearing less restrictive clothing.

Tonsil Stones. Tonsil stones are what I’ve had to deal with. They’re what caused me to have my own bad breath, that breath that smell like crap. If I had to say where exactly your bad breath is coming from, I would put my bet on your tonsils.

Tonsils have pockets on them, called crypts. These crypts can be filled with bacteria that love to feed off the mucus and food particles that pass by. As they feed, they produce little white balls of waste. With this waste comes Volatile Sulfuric Compounds (VSC). These compounds are what make those stones smell so terrible.

There are many ways to get rid of tonsil stones. Some remove their stones completely. Others use certain mouthwashes to help dissolve the stones and get rid of them. Personally, I’ve used cotton swabs, and gently poked and prodded those stones out, and then gargled apple cider vinegar or Hydrogen Peroxide to help clear out anything else.

Getting rid of your halitosis

The first thing you’ve gotta tell yourself is that no matter what happens, you’re not going to give up on fighting against your bad breath. It may take a single day to clear it up, or a week. It may even take a whole month. But no matter what, you’ll fight it to the end.

The next step you want to take is to make sure you have good oral hygiene. Start brushing your teeth twice or three times a day. Floss twice a day as well. You may be thinking that this is excessive, but do you want to get rid of your halitosis or not? If so, then do everything possible to fight against it!

After oral hygiene is finding those triggers that are causing your halitosis. It may be certain foods that you eat. Or it may be allergies. It could even be certain cleaning agents that are giving you your bad breath! Start a journal for everything that you do, and try to find out where and what exactly makes you get bad breath.

As you figure out what is causing you halitosis, you can remove those things to get better breath. Some have cut out dairy from their lives because the dairy will give them sinus problems, causing more mucus to drip back on the tonsils and cause stones to form!

The final step is to find a mouthwash that will help you fight off your halitosis. We recommend this article on bad breath and the best mouthwash, where several products are given, specifically to fight against certain maladies of the mouth, like dry mouth and tonsil stones.

What-ever you do, continue to fight your halitosis, never giving up. As you continue to fight against it, you’ll learn, just like me, to conquer your bad breath, and be able to live your life again without worrying about what others might be thinking of you when you speak!

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