Best Mouthwash And Bad Breath

Bad breath, the terrible disease of mankind. Many other things we can live with, but bad breath, that foul smell, is just something many can’t live with.

Often-times, our halitosis will cause us shame among our friends. It will be the make, or break of a relationship. It’s the cause of people holding their nose right in front of you and scrunching up their face.

Sometimes, it’s hard to go on with you day-to-day routine when you know people are just going to ridicule you, try to stay away from you, and even fire you because of your bad breath.

But life doesn’t need to be all that terrible! Life can be roses and sunshine. And that those roses and sunshine can come from a mouthwash to use to help get rid of your bad breath!

So come, read along, as we take a look at the best mouthwash and bad breath, and see how we can cure halitosis together.

Halitosis – The Scourge Of Our Breath

Halitosis truly is the scourge of our breath. Because of it, some people may judge us wrongly. But how do we fight against it? How do we fight our bad breath?

Bad breath can come from a number of ways. Because of this, there is really is no ‘one mouthwash cures all’ kind of mouthwash out there. Yes, you could get a generic mouthwash, and it might just do the trick. But then again, it may not.

But don’t lose heart! Down below, we discuss the best mouthwash for the different types of ways your bad breath may be coming.

How to tell if you have bad breath

Bad breath is very easy to tell whether you have it or not. You don’t even need to have someone tell you. With a few simple tricks, you can find out if you have bad breath, and where it is coming from.

Bad breath typically comes from the mouth. Specifically, it either comes from your saliva (or lack of it), the top of your tongue, your sinuses, your teeth/gums, or your tonsil.

After you’re able to tell where your bad breath is coming from, then you’ll be able to treat it correctly and quickly. This website hosts a number of articles about natural remedies that can help fight against your halitosis.

Herbal Tea. Green tea, herbal tea, and all those other teas are great ways to naturally fight against your halitosis. Many herbs have properties and compounds in them that will naturally fight against most foul odors, no matter where they are within the mouth.

On top of that, many of those same herbs contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that will help cure tooth decay and any yeast infections within your mouth.

Essential Oils. Oil has been used for something called oil pulling, which is able to help fight halitosis. Specifically with Essential Oils, you can use them in the form of a mouthwash, as toothpaste, and even as a way to help against digestive problems.

Just find which Essential Oil will work best for you, put a few drops in some warm water, and you’ve made your own all natural, home-remedied, mouthwash. It’s a perfect cure for most any halitosis, and will help fight against a number of health issues within your mouth as well.

Water. I know, you must be thinking that I’m crazy for telling you that water can cure you halitosis. But it’s true! Drinking more water can cure a host of ailments within your body, which may just be giving you your halitosis.

Water can help clear up any digestive issues, or constipation, which can give you bad breath. It can also help against dehydration, which might bring about dry mouth. Dry mouth is one way your body might be having halitosis. It can also fight against kidney stones, blood circulation, and a host of other issues.

Foods. Curing you halitosis might just be because of the foods you eat. Did you know that a low carb diet can cause you halitosis? Or that certain foods might just give you halitosis?

There are foods that hinder bad breath, and fight against your halitosis. These include certain veggies, some fruits, and a few other interesting foods (and drinks!) that can be used to cure your bad breath.

Mouthwashes For Specific Problems

While all the above may be able to cure you halitosis, sometimes, it unfortunately won’t quite do the trick that you’re looking for. That’s where mouthwashes come in. A mouthwash is a simple product that will cure you halitosis, provided you use it over and over again.

I liken mouthwashes to something similar like deodorant, cologne, or perfume. While mouthwashes can, and do, help fight against bad breath, most of the mouthwashes only mask the smell, giving you better breath for a while.

So what are some of these mouthwashes that can cure, or mask, your halitosis?

Dry Mouth and its cure

Dry mouth is a term that comes from someone having a dry mouth. Typically, you saliva will keep your mouth moist, flowing constantly and consistently.

Sometimes, there is a restriction in the flow of your saliva. This can be due to aging, dehydration, nerve damage, illnesses, and a number of other reasons.

When this happens, and your saliva is restricted, bad bacteria are able to multiple quickly, causing halitosis, yeast infections, tooth decay and even gum disease.

If you are fighting dry mouth, then the best mouthwash is SmartMouth’s Dry Mouth oral rinse. SmartMouth is a leading company in oral hygiene products, and come with a reputable background. This specific mouthwash comes with solutions to keep your mouth moist, and is alcohol-free.

The reviews for this product are very helpful as well. Some have shown this product to be a lifesaver for this marriage, and others noted how this product didn’t burn as you used it. Just use it twice daily, and you’ll have better breath within the week!

Get Rid of Tonsil Stones

Tonsil stones are one of the worst ways to have get halitosis. Simply put, tonsil stones are small white balls of waste that bad bacteria produce. What usually happens is these bacteria will hide in the crypts of your tonsils, and feed on food particles, mucus, and dead cells.

As they feed, these bacteria produce waste, also known as VSC (Volatile Sulfur Compounds). And this waste smells terrible. Smells like crap, manure, dung, feces, poop, or whatever other noun you want to use.

The problem with tonsil stones is that many of these stones are hidden within the crypts of your tonsils. Your tonsils are made with little pockets, called crypts, that can catch bacteria and fight against it. Sometimes, this bacteria isn’t destroyed, and hence, you get tonsil stones.

Getting rid of Tonsil Stones is a little trickier that other problems that you might be facing. Tonsil stones need to be removed, and so it’s important to get the right equipment to the job done correctly.

So our recommendation is TheraBreath’s Tonsil Stone Removal Kit. Yes, it’s not a mouthwash per-se, but it does include all the beneficial tools that you’ll need to take care of you tonsil, and thus, your bad breath.

This kit comes with nasal drops, to help break up the mucus in your sinuses, as that mucus could be helping the bacteria form tonsil stones. It comes with several picks, to help poke and prod your tonsils, so that you can safely remove those stones. It also comes with some lozenges, throat spray, and a liquid dropper.

Fighting against gum disease

Gum disease, and tooth decay, are two common oral health issues that many people run into every year. They’re problems that could be solved with better diet, and a proper oral hygiene routine. But, oftentimes, that doesn’t happen, and so the issues get out of hand.

These issues can cause swelling, discomfort, bleeding, and quite a bit of pain. So it is vital to make sure you get an oral mouthwash that is sensitive to these issues, and doesn’t hurt your sores as you swish it around.

Our #1 recommendation for issues like this is CloSYS’s Mouthwash for Sensitive Mouths. Coming without any burning sensation, a must for sensitive mouths, this product also comes Triclosan-free, Gluten-free, Alcohol-free, and Sulfate-free.

Choosing Your Mouthwash

When choosing your mouthwash, whether one of the ones mentioned above, or another you’ve found somewhere else, it is always good to remember to pick it out for the specific thing you are treating. If your halitosis is being caused because of gum disease, then get an oral rinse specifically for that issue.

As you get rid of your oral health issues, you’ll find that your bad breath will start to disappear. When this does, make sure to come back and tell others how great a certain mouthwash has made an impact on you life, and how it can help in the lives of others!


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