CloSYS Vs Listerine

This article is a look at two oral health companies, CloSYS and Listerine. We’ll take a look at their practices, how they got started, and what they sell (and a specific product). So come along as we take a look at CloSYS vs Listerine!


Dr. Perry Ratcliff is the man who started CloSYS. He and a team started formed the company back in the early 1990s. As Dr. Ratcliff did dentistry, he came to find out that a certain form of stabilized chlorine dioxide would help fight against bad bacteria.

With 50 years of dentistry under his belt, Dr. Ratcliff has the knowledge to help fight against bad bacteria. That’s why he and his team started CloSYS. To help cure bad breath. How does he do this?

Dr. Ratcliff created Cloristan, a patented form of stabilized chlorine dioxide, which is the ingredient that he puts in his mouthwashes and toothpastes.

Cloristan fights again bad breath in several ways. It fights again plaque formation, which will help against tooth decay. It also will fight against the VSC (Volatile Sulfur Compounds) that cause the bad breath. Additionally, it will fight against the bad bacteria itself, destroying them, so that they can’t reproduce and populate.

While Cloristan does need something to activate it to work, the things needed are found easily enough. Amino acids, found in your saliva, are enough to help activate the Cloristan to make it work properly. Also, a simple back-and-forth motion, like brushing your teeth, can also activate the stabilized chlorine dioxide.

CloSYS also makes sure to try to bring a better product to you as well. They leave certain ingredients out of their products, to help with sensitive mouths, and with those who don’t like certain compounds.

Alcohol-Free. Their products come alcohol-free. Why is this so important? Alcohol is a drying agent. Because of this, it will naturally dry your mouth out. This isn’t something you want to happen. Dry mouth allows bad bacteria to flourish and grow.

When this happens, bad breath will occur. So, if you’re getting a mouthwash to fight against bad breath, make sure to find one that doesn’t have alcohol.

Sulfate-Free. Sulfates are added to allow the foaming experience you find in toothpastes. Due to studies that have shown sodium lauryl sulfate helping bring about canker sores within the mouth, CloSYS decided not to put it in their toothpastes.

Sulfates also can help irritate the mouth, causing mild, or major, discomfort when using toothpastes that have them. To help with those with sensitive teeth and mouths, CloSYS also decided against putting sulfates in their products.

Triclosan-Free. Triclosan is a microbial ingredient that is allowed in oral health products to help fight against tooth decay and gum diseases, like gingivitis. Some research as come out showing that Triclosan may not be as healthy as we initially thought it was.

TriClosan has been shown to disrupt the endocrine system. It has also been shown to cause damage to the reproductive, immune, and neurological systems. Because of these reasons, CloSYS decided against putting this in their product, to keep their customers safer.

Fluoride-Free. Some of their products are sold as Fluoride-free. This is because there has been a large controversy of the effects of Fluoride, and what it does to our bodies. Because of this, CloSYS’ decided to have two products, to help keep all customers happy.

What products does CloSYS sell?

CloSYS sells three different types of products. They sell toothpaste, mouthwashes and rinses, and oral sprays.

CloSYS Alcohol Free Mouthwash with Flavor Control

The product that we’ll look specifically at is CloSYS Alcohol Free Mouthwash. Coming with no alcohol, and as triclosan-free and sulfate-free, this product won’t burn your mouth, and will help with any sensitive teeth you have.

The ingredients are: Water, stabilized chlorine dioxide, trisodium phosphate, citric acid. Flavor dropper: natural mineral oil and peppermint oil.

This product comes with a separate flavor bottle, so that if you want a minty flavor, you can do so. Some like the product the way it is, and thus don’t use any flavoring, since the minty flavor hurts their mouth.

What do the reviews say?

Most of the reviews for this product are on the positive side. Several like how it is sold without a mint flavor, as they like the plain taste when they get it.

Others liked how there were no dyes or coloring in this mouthwash. A few talked about how they used it before bedtime to help significantly reduce their morning breath they faced when they woke up.

A few others complimented this product on how it helped remove plaque and tarter buildup. Another person talked about how after 2 days of using it, they were able to cure their bleeding gums.

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Dr. Joseph Lister was an English doctor who lived back in the mid 1800s. Doing many surgeries every year, he noticed that if he put a certain antiseptic on wounds, specifically carbolic acid, it would heal with a lot less infection. He found this out through the work of Louis Pasteur’s revolutionary teachings on bacteria and microbial growth.

An American doctor by the name of Joseph Lawrence picked up on this, and made his own brand of the antiseptic that he sold to others around him. The product name was named Listerine, after the original person who started the antiseptic, Dr. Lister.

Dr. Lawrence sold his product in a number of ways. Selling it as a cleaning solution, along with being an antiseptic, Dr. Lawrence was able to get through several years of selling Listerine. When his son Gerard got involved is when it became known for the mouthwash it’s known for now-a-days.

Back in the early 1900s, Gerald started selling his father’s antiseptic as a mouthwash, claiming it would help those with decaying teeth to get married. As strange as those claims sound, it actually worked!

Within 7 years of selling the mouthwash, the Lawrence family made over 8 million dollars, a rather large sum, especially in those days.

Today, Listerine is sold world-wide, and is one of the most well-known mouthwashes out there. They sell mouthwashes, teeth whitening products, and other things to help against tooth/gum disease. While they are a popular brand, there is one ingredient that they put in many of their products.


Remember above, I told you how alcohol dries things out? Well, no matter how you use it, this ingredient will always do what it naturally does. The good news is that, because of this, Listerine does make a mouthwash without alcohol. And that’s the product we’ll take a look at.

Listerine Zero Alcohol Mouthwash

This mouthwash, like it’s name implies, comes with zero alcohol. So it won’t dry your mouth out, and give you halitosis. It comes with the claim of fighting against 99% of the germs in your mouth. It also states for best results the recommended usage is swishing it around for 30 seconds twice daily.

This mouthwash does come with Sulfates and artificial colors: Water, Sorbitol, Propylene Glycol, Poloxamer 407, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Eucalyptol, Benzoic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Methyl Salicylate, Thymol, Sodium Saccharin, Menthol, Flavor, Sucralose, Green 3.

Coming with a mild minty flavor, this product is a great mouthwash to use and for you and your family to enjoy!

What do others say about this product?

Some like this product because of the lack of alcohol content in it. They note that other Listerine products helped dry their mouth’s out, or gave them a burning sensation. Neither of these issues occurred when using this mouthwash.

One person gave a review of how well it worked for other issues as well. They were fighting a sore throat, and a lot of coughing. After using this product, they were able to find some relief from those two issues.

Several talked about how this product was great with the waterpik they were using. With a combination of flossing, brushing, and swishing, they were able to fight the bad bacteria in their mouth.

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CloSYS Vs Listerine

As stated in other articles on this site, it’s a very challenging thing to say which product is better. Bad breath can come from various different places in your mouth. So it’s vital to find mouthwashes that will fight against those specific areas.

But as a general mouthwash, which one would I suggest to use?

I personally would go with CloSYS, because of the lack of Triclosan, Sulfate, and Alcohol in their products. Also, their Fluoride-free toothpaste is also something that tips me towards them.

Listerine is a fine product, provided you find something that doesn’t have alcohol in it. As shown in the reviews, Listerine has worked for people, so if it works for you, great!

Which ever product you use, make sure to keep at it. As you continue to use a certain mouthwash, you should see results within a week, if not within a few days. If you don’t see results, then try another product. Sooner or later (hopefully sooner), you’ll be able to cure your halitosis, and have better breath!

Have you used one of the above products? What did you think of them? We would love to know about it. Hit us up in the comments section below!

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