THREE Foods That Cause Tonsil Stones (How To Cure Tonsil Stones By Diet)

If you’re here, you probably have tonsil stones and are wondering if there are foods you can avoid to stop the tonsil stones from forming. First off, welcome, and second, continue reading!

There are foods you can avoid that will slow down some of the things that cause tonsil stones, like mucus, bacteria, and much more. Plus, we have info on what foods you can eat that will help keep your tonsil stones at bay.

Today, we’re going to learn all about tonsil stones and the foods you should and shouldn’t avoid to stop tonsil stone growth. Ready?

Explaining Tonsil Stones

To begin, we should have a basic understanding of how tonsil stones form.

Back in your tonsils are these nooks and crannies, called crypts, where bacteria sometimes like to hang out. When this bacteria combines with dead cells, food particles, and/or mucus, it can calcify and grow into a tonsil stone.

These tonsil stones are usually pebble shaped, hard, and yellow or white in appearance. The bacteria that form tonsil stones are made with sulfur compounds, which causes the bad breath that accompanies tonsil stones.

There are several methods of removal we’ll get to in a few minutes. For now, all you need to know is that tonsil stones aren’t life-threatening, but are annoying and pesky, especially if they grow to a large size.

Identifying a tonsil stone shouldn’t be hard; I mostly struggle with finding my tonsils. Your tonsils are on the sides of the back of your mouth, underneath your uvula. If you have a desperate need to find them, I recommend using a mirror and flashlight.

Three Foods To Avoid

1. Dairy

To start, dairy has large quantities of calcium, which is what the tonsil stone is made of. Obviously, we need calcium to strengthen our bones and so on so forth. I’m saying to cut dairy completely out; you merely need reduce the amount of calcium you consume to the necessary amount for you.

The other reason you should avoid calcium is because can cause excess mucus, which in turn can cause post nasal drip, which can cause tonsil stones.

I speak from experience when I say to avoid dairy. Why?

It’s practically a staple in my household to consume large bowls of granola and yogurt day in and day out. After about a week of eating my dairy-ladden dish, I would wake up with mucus sliding down my throat and bad breath. By reducing the amount of granola and yogurt I was eating to one small bowl a day (and eating raw fruits and veggies), my post nasal drip and bad breath disappeared before tonsil stones had a chance to develop.

2. Processed (Not Natural) Sugar

Do you consume lots of yummy baked goods, soda, and other sweet and sugary foods? Chances are, they might be causing your tonsil stones.

The bacteria that forms tonsil stones thrive in dry places, as well as on sugar. Not only does the bacteria love the sugar, but the sugar can also cause a dry mouth, which the bacteria also love.

You have several options to reduce the amount of sugar you’re consuming. You can go to sugar-free options, or try out naturally flavored water instead of soda. Even choosing a piece of fruit over a cupcake would begin to lower the amount of processed sugar in your body.

Keep in mind – we’re only talking about processed sugar right now. Think of your powdered, brown, and granulated white sugar. However, naturally occurring sugar in your fruits and veggies are find and safe to eat.

3. Coffee

I know, if you’re a coffee drinker, this may be devastating. However, there are several reasons to avoid coffee because they assist in making tonsil stones.

Coffee has a low pH, which means that it’s high in acidity. Bacteria love the acidic condition and continue to thrive with every sip that you take.

More than that, the caffeine in coffee can also produce mucus, causing post nasal drip, which can then cause tonsil stones.

If you’re addicted to coffee and can’t live without it, maybe tryout a non-caffeinated version, or even a different caffeinated drink like tea.

Foods That Help Keep Tonsil Stones At Bay


I cannot lie. I love garlic. Besides for the “spicy” breath (which, honestly, I actually like), garlic is only good for you. It has several antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties that help fight off all that bad stuff that causes tonsil stones.

There’s some speculation that eating garlic during a full moon may kill any parasites roaming through your body; garlic is a fascinating food.

Since you may not want to eat a clove or two raw like I do, there are several ways to sneak the garlic in. I recommend adding it sliced thin or chunky (whatever you prefer) to a sandwich or salad. It also tastes good with honey, used as a dressing.


While tonsil stones are caused by these bacteria composed of sulfur compounds, apples have the exact opposite compounds, designed to get rid of sulfur.

Apples can be eaten raw, skin and all. No, the seeds won’t kill you; the only disgusting part of an apple is the stem which can be easily twisted off and thrown out.

Raw Fruits and Veggies

Whole foods are healthier for you than processed foods to begin with, plus, there’s no information suggesting that fruits and veggies cause tonsil stones. Raw fruits and veggies are high in water content, which hydrates your mouth.

Besides that, fruits and veggies are known reduce the amount of mucus – which is a factor of tonsil stones.

Pretty much any fruit or veggie can be eaten raw – strawberries, apples, carrots, celery, peas, and beans are just a few options.


Not only is water the perfect substitute for coffee, soda, and other tonsil stone-causing drinks, it also helps clear your mouth out of any bad bacteria, food particles, and other junk kicking around.

Drink water instead of milk at dinner – I like to drink a glass after any large meal to clear my mouth of food particles kicking around.

If water is boring or disgusting to you, add some flavor! A couple of lemon slices in a water bottle, a squirt of lime in your glass at dinner, or even cucumbers can be used.

Ways To Remove Tonsil Stones

Here’s just a quick list of the ways you can remove your tonsil stones.

  • Try using your tongue, a fingernail, the back of your toothbrush, a q-tip, or a cotton swab to poke the stone out of place.
  • Make yourself a saltwater gargle by dissolving ½ salt into 8 ounces of warm water. Simply tilt your head back and blow air until the stone is washed away.
  • Buy yourself some dental power tools if you like adventure. There are plenty of oral water irrigators online and in stores that you can use to blast those tonsil stones out of place, as well as give your tonsils a good cleaning!
  • Sometimes, the simplest thing to do is try a couple of forceful (but not aggressive) coughs to push that stone out of place.

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