ProFresh vs CloSYS

This article is a review of two products, ProFresh and CloSYS, and a look into the two different mouthwashes each company sells. They are both well respected companies and have used their products to help treat many who fight daily with bad breath.

What are they exactly doing with their products to make them work they way they are? Is one product better than another? How and why were the companies, and the products, started? All this and more we’ll answer, as we take a look at ProFresh vs CloSYS.


ProFresh was started by a man named Dr. Jon L. Richter. He actually started The ProFresh BreathCare System, which is known as Profresh. Dr. Richter is also the Founding Director of the Richter Center for the Treatment of Breath Disorders in Philadelphia, PA.

In that Center, Dr. Richter was able to reach international acclaim through his studies of diagnosing and treating bad breath disorders. He has lectured internationally, been published in many scientific and medical journals and magazines, and is one of the leading authorities on bad breath disorders.

Through Dr. Richter’s Center and ProFresh BreathCare System, Dr. Richter has helped many find bad breath relief. Additionally, through independent studies, ProFresh has been proven to help people who struggle with halitosis.
Profresh’s active ingredient is activated Chlorine Dioxide. The use this as the main ingredient that will help end your bad breath.

ProFresh Starter Kit

Profresh sells two main products. The first one is the starter kit. I won’t say that it isn’t expensive. Being around $40, this product comes with several bottles of ProFresh Mouthwash, two tongue scrapers, one quick sprayer, a cup, a toothbrush, and a user guide.

They promote this product mainly because they want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to get rid of your bad breath. Just because you use a mouthwash doesn’t mean that you will cure your bad breath. That is why they give you a scraper to clean your tongue, and some toothpaste to use too.

This starter kit comes with no alcohol, so you shouldn’t be getting any dry mouth because of this product. It also helps remove much of the floating-free plaque, which is great, as plaque is a big contributor to gum disease and other oral maladies.

ProFresh Mouthwash

ProFresh Mouthwash isn’t cheap either. Being a little less than $50, Buying it will give you 2 months’ worth of ProFresh Mouthwash. Enough time to see if it works or not. It has a guarantee that it will remove 99% of bad breath and plaque, though how they can guarantee that, I’m not sure.

It also is alcohol free, so you don’t have to worry about getting dry mouth. Alcohol can restrict your saliva production and give you a dry mouth, which is an environment that bad breath bacteria love and thrive in.

And it also comes additive free. So that means that you have no need to worry about any colors, or flavors or fragrances that you might need to avoid.

How To Use ProFresh Mouthwash

Use the Mouthwash. Pour out the measured amount and start rinsing with it. You also want to tilt your head back slightly and gargle for a few seconds, so that you can get the ProFresh Mouthwash to get into the back of your throat. After doing that, spit it out, and get your tongue scraper.

Use the Tongue Scraper. Using the tongue scraper is one of the essentials to getting better breath. Many times your bad breath will come from the top of your tongue, so it is a good idea to scrape your tongue. Try to reach as far back into your mouth, and scrape several times, on the top, in the middle, and on the sides, to get the coating off your tongue.

Use the Mouthwash again. Once again, take a measured amount of Mouthwash, rinse, gargle, and spit. After doing that, then make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly and floss between each tooth to get more plaque out.

And there you are. Those three simple steps will help give you better oral health and better breath. As the saying goes, “with ProFresh, you have nothing to lose, except your bad breath.”


CloSYS was started by Dr. Perry Ratcliff, a dentist by trade, and one who was intrigued by the problem of bad breath. He found that a stabilized form of Chlorine Dioxide was able to help cure bad breath.
Dr. Ratcliff started CloSYS to help those who were struggling with bad breath, and also to help give a solution that would greatly diminish the bad breath bacteria in the mouth, and thus help bring about better breath.

Besides selling a mouthwash, CloSYS also brings you Fluoride and Flouride-Free toothpastes, and a Fresh Breath Oral Spray.

CloSYS’ Mouthwash

CloSYS brings you a product that tries to please as many people as possible, a mighty feat indeed. CloSYS’ Mouthwash is many thing free, including Sulfate-free, Triclosan-free, Alcohol-free, and Gluten-free.
They make the claim that it kills 99% of bad breath bacteria in seconds, and that it won’t stain your teeth. CloSYS also tries to keep their Mouthwash at a balanced pH, so as to not throw off the pH in your mouth. If you have an unbalanced pH, you it may be more likely to get bad breath.

CloSYS also sells their Mouthwash as either unflavored or mint-flavored. Their Mouthwash is one dentists recommend for those who need something that won’t hurt the canker sores they have in their mouths.

Directions For Using CloSYS’ Mouthwash

Floss first. Make sure you floss between your teeth and get all the plaque away from you gums. If you don’t like flossing, or have a hard time doing it, take a look at this article that looks into different kinds of water flosser that you can use.

Brush your teeth. Brushing your teeth is also important, as that will get rid of all the plaque buildup on the sides of your teeth. Removing the plaque will not only make you teeth feel clean, but will also help you not have to worry about any gum disease coming about because of it.

Rinse your breath away. Take some of CloSYS’ Mouthwash, and rinse, not forgetting to gargle for several seconds to help get the mouthwash into the back of your throat. Make sure that you also try not to eat anything for twenty or so minutes, so that the mouthwash can help balance the pH of your mouth.

Sanitize your toothbrush. Making sure that you have a clean toothbrush for later use is something that CloSYS wants you to have. So they recommend that you soak your toothbrush in some of the mouthwash to help sanitize it.

Which One Is Right For You?

I don’t like picking favorites when it comes to Mouthwashes. Each one has good qualities, and have been used to help people cure their bad breath. Both work great and have wonderful companies that they come from.

If you feel that one or the other is right for you, then go ahead and try it. No harm in trying, right? The worst that happens is that it doesn’t work. The best that happens is that you find a way to cure your bad breath. Why not take the chance and have the possibility of curing your bad breath, rather than not trying and not having a way to cure your bad breath?

Which product would you choose? Have you tried them before, and if so, how helpful were they? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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