What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bad Breath?

Bad Breath comes and goes, and then comes again. How do you know when it will come, or how it will smell? Are there things that you can do to get rid of bad breath, and what are they?

Bad breath is something that you shouldn’t be worried about. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can learn to help get rid of you bad breath. So let’s go take a look at those tips!

#1 Best Way To Rid Your Bad Breath

The best way to get rid of your bad breath is, (drum roll please…) Oral Hygiene! Yes, I know, you all may be thinking that it’s not that easy. But in most cases with better oral hygiene, you can cure your bad breath.

It all starts out with brushing your teeth. You brush your teeth so that you can help remove plaque buildup on your teeth, so that it won’t rot your teeth and give you cavities. If you are looking for a good brand of toothpaste to brush with, I would recommend looking into CloSYS’ Fluoride or Fluoride-free toothpaste.

You then make sure that you are flossing every day too. Why floss? Because, many times, food particles will get stuck between your teeth, and that can lead to two different things. It can lead to the food particles starting to decay, giving off a bad smell, and also causing gum disease and other unwanted maladies.

The other thing food particles do is feed the bad, odor-producing bacteria, so that those bacteria can grow, multiply, and give off a foul stench. That’s why it’s imperative for you to floss, if you have bad breath. If you have trouble flossing with a string, then I would recommend looking into different water flossers to use and try.

The best preventive way to get rid of bad breath is through good oral hygiene. But I will admit, many times, people will come and say that they brush and floss several times a day, and it still doesn’t seem to have any other affect. What other things can they do to get better breath?

#2 Method For Better Breath

The second best breath reducer is quite simply water. Drinking water before and after your meals is a great way to flush out anything that may be staying in your mouth that may feed the bad breath bacteria.

You see, many times, it is the foods that we’re eating that can cause our bad breath. Eating them either gives you bad breath, or can help feed the bad bacteria, which is something you are trying to avoid. So flush out those foods with water. And I’m not talking about liquids, like soda, coffee, alcohol, or milk. I’m talking about good old water, H-2-0.

Many times those other liquids mentioned will help your bad breath rather than hinder it. Also, many of those liquids will have sweeteners in them, which is not good for your teeth, let alone the bad bacteria producing the bad breath.

Another thing that water does is that it helps reproduce the saliva, and does not restrict it. Many times, bad breath can come about because of something called dry mouth. Dry Mouth occurs when something restricts your saliva, and your mouth starts to dry out. Dry environments are where bad bacteria like to thrive, which is why dry mouth can cause bad breath.

Drinking water is a great method for getting better breath. But once again, doing this, in some cases, won’t cure every one of bad breath, so what can you do, if you’ve tried both methods and still have no results?

#3 Way to Treat Bad Breath

The best way to treat bad breath is to treat it from where it’s coming from. Doing these simple and easy tests can help show you where your bad breath is coming from. What the tests show are that your bad breath will come from either the top of your tongue, from your teeth, from the back of your throat, or from your saliva.

When you know where it is coming from, then you can treat it better. For example, if your bad breath is coming from the back of your throat, particularly from your tonsils, and you think you have tonsil stones, then I would recommend using a tonsil stone removal kit to help relieve the problem.

Or maybe your problem is that you have post nasal drip, and that is causing your bad breath. If that is true, then I would recommend taking a look at nasal drops that will help dissolve and disperse your dripping issues, which in the end will help alleviate your bad breath.

Taking a look at where you think your bad breath is coming from is vital to your success at curing your bad breath. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. Just do a few simple tests, and go from there. The tests are pretty easy and don’t require a lot of time or energy.

#4 Tip For Masking Your Bad Breath

Everyone wants to cure their bad breath, and I get that. Sometimes though, the best way to get rid of you bad breath is by masking it. And you typically do that with a mouthwash. While it is true that some mouthwashes can cure bad breath, most of the time you are really just masking the smell of your breath with something more pleasant.

There is nothing wrong with masking your bad breath. The only problem is that you may have to be using mouthwash for a while until you find another way to actually cure your bad breath.

For mouthwash products, I would recommend taking a look at CloSYS or ProFresh. They would give you a good product that has help many people find relief for their halitosis. They are also reputable companies and have some well-known speakers attached to their corporations.

Two other mouthwashes, Therabreath and SmartMouth, are ones that should be looked at too. They also are two well-known companies that have been around for a long while, helping people understand the what’s and why’s of bad breath.

Taking Control Over Our Breath

Following these 4 tips and tricks should help give you better breath. Bad breath isn’t something that we should be scared to figure out or something we think is hard to cure. With a few tricks, some good hygiene, and a mouthwash product, you are set to getting better breath in no time.

Don’t waste time in trying to cure your bad breath. Take one of these tips and try it. The results won’t be instant, but over time, maybe a week or two, see if your breath is getting better. Remember, if you bad breath has been around for a while, it might take a while to get rid of it. But you will get rid of it, sooner or later.

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