Tonsil Stones And Post Nasal Drip

Tonsil stones and post nasal drip oftentimes can bring about each other, causing a vicious cycle for your oral health issues. But once you realize that these two different issues can be connected, you can break that cycle and find relief from both of the issues.

Both can cause bad breath, and both can make the other appear. But with the right amount of determination, patience, and oral hygiene, you’ll be able to cure both issues with very little pain and money.

Tonsil Stones – White, Sulfuric Balls

I had never heard of tonsil stones until I finally had one. You never worry about strange things until you actually get them. And when you do get them, then you really do start to worry!

The tonsils, which are those big, pink things that stick out in the back of your throat, are part of your immune system. They help the body by trying to stop any bad bacteria from entering through the mouth. They are your body’s fighting mechanism for your oral cavity.

Sometimes, your body doesn’t work the way it is supposed to. Sometimes, parts of it become sick, get infected, and run into a host of problems.

And that’s sort of what happens when your get tonsil stones. Your tonsils are fighting against bacteria that it just can’t quite process properly.

Bacteria love to find places to hide, and thrive in. And your tonsils make the perfect place for them.

Tonsils are created with divots and pockets in them, called crypts. In these crypts, bad bacteria will hide. As your eat food and do other stuff with your mouth, these crypts can become filled with those things – food particles, mucus, floating debris, etc.

When they become filled, these bad bacteria will start feasting on it, growing and populating in these little crypts. As they feast, they also produce waste. This waste is called Volatile Sulfuric Compounds (VSC). These VSC’s are known as what is called tonsils stones – they’re those white little balls that you may cough up now and then.

Because they’re sulfuric, they’ll cause your breath to smell terrible. If there is any smell that you don’t want on your breath, it’s a sulfur-type smell.

And there is even more sad news.

Sometimes, your breath can become bad because of these stones, even though you don’t see any on your tonsils.

The reason is because these crypts can be very deep, and things hidden in them that you would never know. And so they produce this liquid (for lack of a better term) that coats the back of your throat, making your mouth and breath taste terrible.

But there is hope, and cures, for these maladies (which can be read farther on down).

Post Nasal Drip – Just Like A Dripping Faucet

Post nasal drip is a problem that comes about within your sinuses. Your sinuses are always producing mucus to keep your nasal passages slick and moist.

Any excess will be release into the back of the throat, mingle with your saliva, and be swallowed without you ever noticing. That’s just how everyone’s bodies work.

When your sinuses produce a lot of mucus, that is when the problem will occur. Your sinuses will produce thick, excessive amounts of mucus, and when it drips into the back of your throat (i.e. post nasal drip), you be able to feel it.

It can cause you to feel like your nose is plugged, like you have something constantly in the back of your throat, and that you have to keep on coughing to clear your throat.

Post nasal drip usually come about because of something that is irritating the sinuses – making them produce more mucus than normal. While there are a host of reasons, the main two are related to allergies.

Food allergies will make your body do many strange things. They can make your break out in hives, make you start your throat swelling shut, and even cause death. Some foods just make you get post nasal drip.

One food in particular, dairy, has been known to cause this. Especially found in those with a lactose intolerance, dairy can cause your sinuses to swell up, making them want to produce as much mucus as they can.

Airborne allergies have also been prevalent in the past few decades. Some blame pollen, other herbicides and insecticides, and still others (somewhere out there) blame aliens! What-ever the reason, the air that we breathe has been known to have allergens in them.

It’s just as simple as sniffing a flower, and causing some of the pollen to get into your nasal passages. These pollen can cause a lot of irritation, making your body try to flush them out by providing an excessive amount of mucus. In this way, post nasal drip can be formed.

The Vicious Cycle Of Tonsil Stones And Post Nasal Drip

How do these two things, post nasal drip and tonsil stones, correlate to each other?

The answer is simple.

Tonsil stones can be formed because of mucus, and post nasal drip can occur because of bad bacteria.

Let’s say that you have tonsil stones, and bad bacteria living in the crypts of your tonsils. As these bacteria feed, they multiple and populate the back of the throat. That can start to cause irritation back there – especially in your sinuses.

So what do your nasal passages do? It decides to flush them out – by providing mucus, and a lot of it.

As this thick mucus is being spread about, it gets stuck into the crypts of your tonsils, allowing bad bacteria to feast, populate, and start the whole cycle all over again.

Get Me Out Of This Cycle!

Don’t worry, there is hope! There are nasal drops that you can get, to better break up your mucus. There are mouthwashes that you can choose to get help find relief from your tonsil stones.

Therabreath is a company that comes to mind when talking about breaking both of these issues. They realize that both of these issues can be related, and have made a tonsil stone removal kit that not only removes the tonsil stones, but also the mucus, and much more, from within your body.

Order your product now, and find freedom from your bad breath, tonsil stones, and post nasal drip, immediately!

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