Here’s Why You Get Tonsil Stones (Even If You DON’T Have Tonsils)

Have you gotten your tonsils removed but think you might have tonsil stones? Or are you considering getting your tonsils removed to take care of tonsil stones but want to make sure they never come back?

You’ve come to the right place.

Today, we’re going to take a look at everything you need to know about your tonsils, how tonsil stones form, and how to identify them. And from there, we’ll take a look at whether or not you can have tonsil stones without tonsils.

Ready? Let’s start with Tonsils 101.

Everything you need to know about your tonsils

Your tonsils are these amazing things in the back of your throat. They’re part of the lymph system, and have that nice tissue-y texture to them.

It’s commonly believed that, like the rest of the lymph system, your tonsils are designed to fight off infection. Because of their location in the mouth, we can assume that it’s to fight off infection that comes through your mouth and/or nose, like bacteria or viruses.

If you want to investigate your tonsils, then grab a flashlight and mirror and open wide. You have your tongue, and hanging above it is your uvula. On either side of your uvula, on the inside of your cheeks, are your tonsils.

Since that description probably wasn’t the best, I’ve added the graphic below to further help you identify your tonsils.

Now that we know where exactly our tonsils are, we can learn about tonsil stones.

Tonsil stones are what form when bad bacteria, along with food particles, dead cells, and/or mucus bond together and calcify.

See, your tonsils are covered in nooks and crannies, where bacteria love to hang out. And then the bacteria find friends (all that junk we mentioned earlier), and the friends become inseparable, so to speak. Or, even better, the friends become set in stone.

Tonsil stones, that is.

Anyways, enough with the weird description. How do you know that you have a tonsil stone?

There are several ways of identifying that you have a tonsil stone.

  • Bad breath. This is usually the first symptom of tonsil stones. The tonsil stones are made of sulfur compounds, which leads to bad breath.
  • White/Yellow pebble-shaped objects in your mouth.
  • Difficulty swallowing. If you tonsil stones get too large, they can partially block your throat and make it harder to swallow.
  • Ear pain. Your tonsils and ear pain are on the same nerve path, so if something wrong in one place, it may be registering in a different place.

So now that we know all there is to know about tonsils and tonsil stones, we can move onto the most important thing for today.

Can I get tonsil stones if my tonsils are removed?

When I first heard this question, my mind immediately went uh, no, of course not.

But then I did some research.

Turns out, in some mysterious way, you can. Basically, sometimes, when you get a tonsillectomy (that’s when your tonsils are surgically removed), not all of your tonsil is removed. So stones can still form on the remainder of your tonsil.

And if you had them removed by a laser, then the part that was infected was probably the only part that was removed – so you can still get tonsil stones on the remaining tonsil.

More than that, tonsil stones form where they are crevices they can hang about it. So they may not be forming just on your tonsils.

So if you’ve gotten your tonsils removed (or think you have), it may be best to consult the doctor who did it, or an oral hygienist, and see what exactly still remains of your tonsils.

Because where your tonsils are, there tonsil stones may be also.

If you’re considering undergoing surgery to remove your tonsils (especially to cure tonsil stones), then make sure that all of your tonsils are being removed. Check in with your doctor and get clarification. Your health and wellbeing is important.

How To Treat Your Tonsil Stones

If you’ve discovered that you have tonsil stones, never fear, because there are plenty of options to combat this issue. Take a look at some of the most simplest and inexpensive ways to cure your tonsil stones.

First off, try the freest of them all and curl your tongue back. If you’re lucky, it’ll be long enough to dislodge the stones out of place.

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with long tongues. As a fellow short-tongue human, the next thing I would recommend is to use a dampened q-tip or cotton swab to poke the stone out of place.

You could also try using the back of your toothbrush or a spoon to remove your tonsil stones. Just be careful not to cause further damage to your tonsils, mouth, or throat.

Now, these aren’t really the smartest options if you have a strong gag reflex. The next most effective thing might be coughing. A couple of forceful (not aggressive) coughs may just bump that pesky stone from its hiding place.

Lastly, make a salt water gargle for yourself. Simply dissolve ½ teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of warm water, take a sip, and start gargling. Hopefully, this will dislodge the stone as well as start the healing process of any other ailments in your mouth.

I can’t really stress how important it is to be gentle and careful with yourself. If something goes against what you’re comfortable with, then call up your dentist or oral hygienist for further recommendation on how you can treat your tonsil stones.

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