The Six BEST Ways To Stop Tonsil Stones From Forming

If you’re interested in learning how to stop tonsil stones from forming, good for you! Tonsil stones are a problem that can effect most people, so it’s important to take steps to learn how to prevent something.

Today, we’ll take a look at the why of tonsil stones, so we can figure out how to stop them from forming. We’ll discuss some treatment options if you have tonsil stones, and overall learn how to avoid the issue.

But first, before we get into the why and how of tonsil stones, we need to understand what they are.

So, what are tonsil stones?

More important question: what are tonsils?

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know where your tonsils are or what they do; I didn’t know either for the longest time.

The graphic below gives a pretty good idea of where your tonsils are. At the essence, you have your tongue, with your uvula hanging above it. On either side of your uvula are your tonsils. Check out the graphic for a visual.  

 Now that we know where your tonsils are, we can talk about what they do.

Your tonsils are part the lymph system. Your lymph system is part of what helps your body fight off infections. Which, as we’ll see in a second, can backfire on itself.

Your tonsils look kinda like glands, just hanging out in the back of your mouth. Their main mission? Destroying any bacterial infections or viruses that come through your mouth and/or throat.

Basically, your tonsils are covered in little divots and pockets where bacteria, along with food particles, dead cells, and mucus can get trapped. When this happens, everything can bond together, become calcified, and boom! You’ve got a tonsil stone. Fun times.

Tonsil stones usually present themselves as yellow or white objects shaped like pebbles in the back of your mouth.

So now that we know how tonsil stones form, we can figure out how to avoid them.

The 6 best ways to avoid tonsil stones

Now, the whole thing we want to know! How can we stop these pesky little pebbly stones from forming on our tonsils?

1. Brush Your Teeth

First off, practice good oral hygiene! Brushing your teeth can have many great benefits. Not only does it leave your breath smelling all nice and peppermint-y, it can eliminate any food particles or bacteria kicking around your mouth. Like all good dentists, we should brush our teeth at least daily, although twice a day and upwards of after every meal is preferable.

2. Drink Water After Each Meal

If brushing your teeth after every meal is too much for you, it’s okay. I get it. An alternative to brushing teeth after every meal is to simply drink a glass of water instead. This will help clear your mouth of food particles kicking around after a meal, along with any bacteria.

3. Floss

And if you’re going to take all that time to brush your teeth (or not), you can still floss. No, not dancing around like a desensitized child, but actual dental flossing. Flossing helps remove plaque buildup and tartar. All that stuff can cause bad breath, and since tonsil stones are formed by the same bio-matter, it’s a good idea to get rid of it no matter where it is in your mouth.

4. Gargle

Another way you can practice good oral hygiene is to gargle. There are several options, from drugstore mouthwash to salt water. If you go the mouthwash route, choose one that’s alcohol free. Alcohol can dry your mouth out, which ups the chances of bacteria buildup and tonsil stones. You can also dissolve ½ teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of water and gargle that.

5. Use An Oral Water Tool

If you like adventure and power tools, then maybe trying out an oral water irrigator or water flosser is a good route for you to take. Just turn it on and aim it at your tonsils to safely remove any tonsil stones or to get rid of any bacteria and/or food kicking around there.

6. Remove Your Tonsils

The last way you can stop tonsil stones from forming is to off with your tonsils and remove them. This process is called a tonsillectomy. Usually this is recommended if your tonsils get repeatedly infected or if they’re too large. However, if you’re just nervous that tonsil stones are a possibility, there’s really no need to get them removed.

Since an excessive amount of tonsil stones can warrant removal of your tonsils, it’s perfectly okay to go that route if you decide to.

The How-To behind treating tonsil stones

If you do have tonsil stones then there are several ways you can treat them. Here’s a list of some of the many ways you can treat tonsil stones.

  • Tongue. Yup, I’m suggesting that you curl your tongue back and try to push the tonsil stone out of place. Don’t feel bad if you can’t do it, I have a short tongue too.
  • Coughing. Try out some forceful (but not aggressive) coughing to encourage that tonsil stone to pop out of place.
  • Grab a cotton swab. Dampen it, then find yourself a mirror and light and try to poke the tonsil stone out.

Remember, be careful and gentle with yourself as you try any treatments and remedies. You don’t want to cause additional damage to your mouth or throat or tonsils. If you don’t feel sure about something, don’t feel hesitant to call your dentist beforehand.

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