Philips Sonicare VS Oral B: Electric Toothbrushes

Today, we’re going to be looking at two different companies and the products they sell, especially their electric toothbrushes.

If you’ve been searching around for an electric toothbrush and see Philips Sonicare and Oral B popping up, you’re in the right place. Each company and their toothbrushes have their pros and cons, and we’ll be taking a look at both.

Let’s get started with Philips Sonicare.

Everything You Need To Know About Philips Sonicare

Philips Sonicare is a company within the parent company Philips. Their mission is all about improving people’s health by using advanced technology to form solutions to health issues. Philips is based in the Netherlands, and claims to be a leader in diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, and much more.

Philips Sonicare specializes in electric toothbrushes, and also sell flossers and irrigators. They have a wide variety of toothbrush products, from brush heads to rechargeable toothbrushes.

We’ll start by a taking a look at some of the pros of Philips Sonicare.

Philips Sonicare: Pros

  • Philips has plenty of toothbrush heads you can purchase if one goes bad – all you have to do is find the correct one you need, buy, and easily switch out with the head you want to replace.
  • Their toothbrushes are up to 7 times better than a regular non-electric toothbrush, plaque removal wise. This helps improve gum health.
  • The toothbrush also comes with a two-minute timer, which lets you turn the toothbrush on and let go. No need to think about how long you need brush, or how well you’re brushing. Just turn the timer on and let your mind be free.
  • The contoured bristles and patented sonic technology is great at removing plaque in those hard to reach places.
  • There are plenty of options to choose from for a toothbrush. The cheapest are around $30, and if you like that, you could go on to try a more expensive, presumably higher-quality electric toothbrush.

Philips Sonicare: Cons

  • Water does get in between the toothbrush head and handle. Regularly cleaning out this area with a q-tip, or rinsing it, should effectively stop mold from growing there.
  • Like all toothbrushes, the bristles will be bent and will need to be replaced. However, Philips Sonicare offers plenty of options to replace the brush heads.
  • Because it is an electric toothbrush, it may take a while to adjust if you use a non-electric toothbrush. If you don’t keep your lips shut, you may get toothpaste all over yourself and your bathroom sink!
  • The battery also may not be the most reliable thing in the world.

Now Let’s Take A Look At Oral B

Oral B is an America-based brand that sells dental products like toothpastes, toothbrushes, and mouthwashes. It is owned by Procter & Gamble, a personal health company based in Ohio.

Dr. Robert W. Hutson started Oral B when he patented a toothbrush in 1950. Several years later, he came out with a toothbrush with soft, flat-ended bristles that were supposedly less aggressive on tooth enamel, good for the gums, and better at picking up tooth powder.

The “B” in Oral B stands for “brush” according to a spokesperson.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to Oral B electric toothbrushes.

Oral B: Pros

  • The Micro Pulse Bristles are made for deep cleaning in between your teeth to remove plaque build-up.
  • Like the Philips Sonicare, the electric toothbrush has a two minute timer to alert you to when it’s time to stop brushing.
  • There are several head replacements you can choose from, not one set hard in stone. If you accidently order the wrong head, chances are, you probably still chose one that’s compatible with your toothbrush.
  • The brush head doesn’t spin – it actually rotates from side to side for gentle (but still effective and deep) cleaning.
  • You can use Oral B’s products if you have bridges, implants, crowns, or fillings. Getting one with a slower speed is advisable.  
  • Oral B’s prices range, like Philips Sonicare, from $30 to upwards of $200.

Oral B: Cons

  • Again, if you aren’t used to powerful electric toothbrushes, I’d recommend that you keep your mouth closed while you use this…you don’t want to get toothpaste all over yourself and bathroom!
  • Some people only receive one head when there’s advising for two heads – I’m not exactly sure what’s going on there. It’s my theory that the people ordered the wrong product, but that’s beside the point.
  • Sometimes if the bristles fall out, the actual brush head might hit your teeth rather hard.

Philips Sonicare VS Oral B

Personally, if I had to choose Philips Sonicare or Oral B, I probably would go without brushing my teeth because the idea of having something do all the work for me is kinda repulsive to me. But since obviously that’s not the case for you who is searching for an answer, I think I’d go with the Oral B.

There are several reasons, most of them personal. The Oral B is slightly cheaper than the Philips Sonicare, for one thing. Plus, there didn’t seem to be as much of a mold issue with Oral B as there was with the Philips Sonicare. However, besides for the mold, the Philips Sonicare does seem to be a little sturdier than the Oral B.

There are issues with both products, I think, but none of them are that bad, and should be easy to live with. Whatever product you choose is up to you, and as long as it’s serving its purpose, then everything is okay and actually working out great.

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