TheraBreath VS. Biotene (Which Brand Is Better?)

Have you been looking for oral products and wondered if some brands were better than others? Do you have bad breath and need a solution that will work?

Hopefully, today, we’ll find the answers to your questions as we take a look at TheraBreath and Biotene toothpastes and decide which brand is more worthwhile your time and money.

Ready? Let’s get started with TheraBreath.

Everything About TheraBreath

TheraBreath is a company based in California that focuses on making products that help your bad breath smell great!

Like all good fathers, creator Dr. Harold Katz’s project was solving his daughter’s bad breath back in 1993. The remedies he made were the starting grounds for TheraBreath. Since then, the brand has branched out from the original line of toothpaste and oral rinses to include sprays, drops, lozenges, and much more.

Their products are sold in stores across America, from pharmacies to supermarkets. Chances are, your local dollar store is holding on to their products, waiting just for you.

TheraBreath’s approach to solving bad breath seems pretty simple – use chlorine dioxide to stop bad bacteria from multiplying while changing the sulfur compounds in your mouth to an unnoticeable sulfate salt.

TheraBreath’s toothpaste is made with natural ingredients, meaning you won’t find any artificial colors or flavors in their toothpaste. Besides that, it’s also certified vegan and kosher and gluten free!

TheraBreath: Pros

  • TheraBreath’s goal in to target certain areas of your mouth where bacteria love to gather, like on the top of your tongue and in the back of your mouth. Most of their products will be focused on these areas.
  • TheraBreath doesn’t use alcohol in their products. Alcohol is known to cause a dry mouth, which can then cause bad breath and a whole host of other issues.
  • Not only does TheraBreath sell toothpaste, but also products to treat your tonsil stones, yellow teeth, and more. Their wide variety of products gives lots of options to pick and choose from.
  • Most of TheraBreath’s products are under $20, making them totally affordable.
  • TheraBreath has plenty of videos and other resources you can use that are free to learn more about your dental and oral health.

TheraBreath: Cons

  • Because their toothpaste (and other products) are naturally made, the toothpaste does not foam or have a strong minty flavor like brands you may use.
  • TheraBreath is always promoting other products with what you’re interested in, which may get a little annoying after a little while.
  • Since TheraBreath doesn’t use any artificial colors, the toothpaste might look like clear gel, which might be unusual or even distracting to you.

A Look At Biotene

Biotene is another company specializing in dental products that is marketed by the company GlaxoSmithKline.  

GlaxoSmithKline is a company based of out England that specializes in pharmaceutical uses – making over-the-counter medicines, vaccines, that type of thing.

Instead of targeting bad breath like TheraBreath does, Biotene’s main mission is to help with dry mouth.

Similarly to TheraBreath, Biotene is trying to encourage a moist mouth, so they stay away from dry mouth inducing alcohols. Their products are also gluten free. Biotene offers plenty of resources on their website to help you understand what cause dry mouth, and much more.

So, what are some pros and cons to this company?

Biotene: Pros

  • Biotene’s products are great for those struggling with dry mouths. All of their products are designed to moisturize your mouth and stop the dryness.
  • As mentioned before, Biotene’s products are alcohol free, and also sugar free. Their products do contain fluoride, which is commonly believed to strengthen your teeth.
  • Biotene’s prices are super affordable, and most are under $10. Not only do they offer toothpaste, but also moisturizing gel, rinses, sprays, and lozenges.

Biotene: Cons

  • Biotene’s website has a copyright date of 2019. Now that we’re halfway through 2020 (as of this writing), the website copyright really should have been updated by now.
  • Speaking of their website, it does look a little outdated with a darker background, making it harder to read the darker font.
  • The dry mouth quiz Biotene offers on their website gives the same answer afterwards – no definite yes or no, you have dry mouth, but a message saying “You might be at risk,” along with a couple of their products you can buy.

In The End

At the end of the day, I think it mostly comes down to what you’re trying to treat – bad breath or dry mouth?

For bad breath, I would recommend TheraBreath. Their products are designed to fight off bad breath by changing the sulfur compounds in your mouth to a non-smelly sulfate.

If you have a dry mouth, then I would recommend Biotene. Their products specifically target those with dry mouths by using a lubricant.

If you’re just looking for a regular toothpaste, I would probably personally go with TheraBreath. The idea of non-colored, non-foaming, naturally flavored toothpaste just really appeals to me. Since that probably doesn’t appeal to you, Biotene is probably the direction you want to go for toothpaste. It’s inexpensive, and works like any other toothpaste from big brands.

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